Become Unyielding. Become Invincible. Become a Janissary


In a world where true masculinity often seems lost, where it’s difficult to find one’s place as a strong, confident, and unyielding man, The Janissaries Program stands as the beacon for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity.



In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Be generating passive income
  • Be in the best physical shape of your life
  • Be attracting the type of women you desire

The right moves can make all the difference. We cover it ALL in The Janissaries Program

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What's Included In The Program?..


The Art of Manhood

Your health and vitality directly impacts your effectiveness, energy, and expansion.

  • Physical Power: Strengthen your body with curated workouts and routines that bring out the warrior within. Show up stronger, every single day.
  • Mental Acuity: Embrace challenges, develop a laser-sharp focus, and cultivate a mindset of persistence. Become the man who never backs down.
  • Emotional Resilience: Learn the art of emotional intelligence. Become the anchor, the calm in the storm, and navigate life’s trials with poise.

The Secret To Lasting Wealth

Financial Masterclasses that help you raise your financial acumen from men who have been there and done that:

  • Monetise Your Mind Masterclass: Unearth secrets to transforming your knowledge into revenue, even if you're not an internet sensation! Learn from the best who's scaled to multi 6-figures.
  • Etsy Dropshipping Masterclass: Witness the magic behind @reachmohammed's whopping $6,000 triumph in just a week! A riveting step-by-step guide with screen shares.
  • Instagram DM Marriage Masterclass: Stand out and rise above the rest, in love and life!

Earning Respect & Power

Where Winners and Whiners are Separated

  • Become an Asset to Society: Rise as a role model. With your newfound strength, contribute positively to your community and leave a legacy.

  • Build Stronger Families: Reignite the spark in your relationships. Be the pillar that holds the family together, with love, care, and unwavering support.

  • Attract Genuine Partnerships: Exude natural magnetism. Become the man that women deeply respect, admire, and desire for genuine companionship.


Living & Leaving A Legacy

Why Choose The Janissaries Program?

  • Custom Tailored Guidance: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Embrace your unique path to masculinity.
  • Monthly Boosts: Get actionable insights, strategies, and tips delivered to your doorstep, keeping you on track.
  • Community of Warriors: Join a brotherhood where men uplift each other. Experience the strength of collective growth.


The Janissaries Program Is For You If...

  • Desire to be from the elite, separate from the trivial many
  • Desire to be your authentic self and walk with strength
  • Desire to be authentic and holding to your core values everywhere
  • Desire to live life on your own terms and with peace
  • Desire to experience a lifestyle known to very few

The Janissaries Program

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I'm Mahdi Tidjani

a formidable presence in the social media landscape, dedicated to reshaping modern masculinity. My teachings aren't mere words; they're borne from a life lived with purpose, authority, and unwavering discipline. I've successfully charted my course as an entrepreneur, and in my mid-30s, my personal and professional achievements serve as testaments to my principles. Bound by deep-rooted spirituality, I lead my life with reverence, sharing it lovingly with multiple wives and guiding my children toward righteousness. For those seeking a life of balance, prosperity, and integrity, I stand as both a guide and an exemplar.